Biking & Baseball – Day 9

“Excuse me. Is that New Jersey across on the other side?”, we asked.

“No! And it never will be!”, he answered. – Pedestrian on the Walkway over the Hudson River

Poughkeepsie, NY to Peekskill, NY

65 km, 502m Climbing

19 Degrees, Humid/Overcast

Suddenly it’s all about the Hudson River, and I feel like I never said a proper goodbye to the Erie Canal! It’s named after Henry Hudson who explored the river in 1609, while sailing for the Dutch East India Company. The Dutch returned here and established settlements all along the river and many of their original names still stand. “Kil” in Dutch means creek or stream and many of the towns bear this suffix- Fishkill, Peekskill, Catskill and Beaverskill to name a few.

We started our morning climbing up to the “Walkway over the Hudson”. This pedestrian bridge crosses the Hudson from Poughkeepsie, on the east, to Highland, New York on the west bank. It was completed in 1889 as a railroad bridge and transformed to a pedestrian/bicycle bridge in 2009. It claims to be the world’s longest elevated pedestrian bridge at 1.25 miles, and its 212 foot height at its centre offers an amazing vista of the Hudson Valley looking north and south.

We cycled along Route 9 again and it wasn’t all “Old Post Road” but in the areas where it did converge, you could see some of those old stone fence sections still resilient and enduring after all these years (the fences probably thought the same about us). We stopped In Fishkill for lunch. Again, attention has been paid to provide some old world charm from restored 1700s buildings and businesses. We had a great lunch at a Trappist style microbrewery – seems like there is a microbrewery in every town. (No complaints!)

We climbed to the height of land in the Hudson Highlands before beginning our descent into Peekskill. The sky was steely grey and ominously threatening but fortunately didn’t open on us today. The views from the top were all the more dramatic because of the clouds.

In my semi-frenzy to get out of my sopping wet clothes last night and into a hot tub, my whole post-ride routine was thrown off. I only realized this morning that I had completely forgotten to charge my bike battery. My whole ride today held the combined anxiety of “Is it going to rain?” with “Is my battery going to die?”. I was extra frugal with my e-assist but we were cycling rolling hills of 6-8% grade, so I needed to call on it to get that big load up to the top sometimes. At ride’s end, we pulled into the hotel parking lot with a few drops of rain, my bike “running on fumes” and very exhausted legs!

3 thoughts on “Biking & Baseball – Day 9

  1. Great views! The bridge was fantastic……wish I was there. I read this this morning and thought of you . “Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike.”–John F Kennedy.


  2. So, do you think you insulted that person when you asked if that was NJ? Kind of like Corner Gas Series when they spit on the ground each time the neighbouring town is mentioned. 🙂 Going into the fall colours – more spectacular vistas for you to come.


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