Biking & Baseball – Day 8

“No dress rehearsal, this is our life.” The Tragically Hip – “Ahead by a Century”

Hudson, NY to Poughkeepsie, NY

69 km, 254m Climbing

18 Degrees, Rainy

All rain, no rainbow – but we had happy, fresh legs after our day off yesterday. We rode all day on Bike Route 9 (The Hudson River Greenway Trail). The bike route itself was on the shoulder of the roadway and was very wide and the rolling was good. Since it was raining (and we were soaked), we only took a couple of brief stops to fuel up. We didn’t want to sit in a cafe dripping wet and we also knew their air conditioning would chill us. The outside temperature was 18C and we were comfortable enough for quick stops outside. Near the end of the ride, I was starting to get a chill so we hot-footed the last 10 km with conviction.

In some places the shoulder was wide enough to ride side by side, but mostly I rode about 5 feet back and offset to one side to avoid Bob’s rooster tail of gritty spray. From behind I could hear him singing songs from “Jesus Christ Superstar” – maybe it’s because we passed so many churches on our way out of Hudson. Whatever the reason, I was happy that he had a change from his previous earworm. For the last few days he has been whistling “Our State Fair” over and over (and over). I just think it’s more Pat Boone than either of us need, or want.

We were riding through an interesting historic area today but we just couldn’t stop at the risk of getting chilled. We slowed down as we passed landmarks and read the plaques on the fly. Route 9 is the original post road between New York City and Albany. It was designated as the postal route between these two important cities in 1669. It has the original milestone markers that Ben Franklin introduced in the 1700s when he was Postmaster General. He wanted a basis for revenue to pay for the Post Office so he devised a rate system based on distance from New York City Hall. The first one we noticed was milestone 90. Many of them have become illegible over time but the stoneworks are still standing. Milestone 1 is on display in at the City Museum in NYC so we’ll stop in and check it out.

3 thoughts on “Biking & Baseball – Day 8

  1. Maureen and Bob,
    At the major Amtrak stations only- DC, NY, Phila and Baltimore- check out the Red Cap baggage service. They will carry your bags to the train 10 minutes before the masses converge on getting seats. The Baggage handlers will escort you to your seats and place your bags on the train with no rush. You go down a secret elevator. There is no fee-only tips. Diana and I do it in NY and DC. They carry our baggage and we choose our seats. It’s magic. Bn


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